What Is MyVideoSpy?-Read It Now !

How would you like to be able to get multiple page 1 video rankings in 24 hours or less?

And be able to do that over and over and over and over again as many times as you’d like?

Well a NEW platform has just been released that allows you to do EXACTLY that..

This new platform gives You The Power To Rank Your Videos #1 in Google And YouTube
To Generate an UNLIMITED Amount Of Free Targeted Traffic And Sales On Demand!

It’ll allow you to Identify UNTAPPED Niches, Exposes Your Competitors Weakness and much
much more.. Short on time? See the case study here

This powerful platform:

– Quickly Identifies Untapped Niches and Keywords in a few mouse clicks

– Exposes Your Competitors Weaknesses to know EXACTLY how to outrank them

– It’s the FIRST and ONLY platform to accurately determine how much traffic your videos will get so you waste ZERO time and effort

– It Generates Page 1 Rankings in under 24 hours with VERY little effort

– It Converts Your Favorite Video Creator Into A Traffic And Sales MACHINE when combined together

– and much much more..

This platform has features unlike ANYTHING else you’ve seen before.

That's reason today I will introduce MyVideoSpy today right now !

What Is MyVideoSpy?

MyVideoSpy is a Brand New, and 100% Unique Web-App

That Allows Your Customers To Rank Their Videos #1 By Identifying UNTAPPED Niches, Exposing Their Competitors Weaknesses AND Accurately Gauging How Much Traffic Their Videos Will Produce!

And we've broken it down to 4 simple steps:

Step 1: IDENTIFY: Let our app uncover UNTAPPED niches and keywords for you in a matter of SECONDS!

Step 2: EXPOSE: Let our app expose ALL of your competitors weaknesses so you know EXACTLY what you have to do to outrank them

Step 3: TRACK: Let our app tell you EXACTLY how much traffic you can potentially get from your desired keywords so you know if it’s WORTH your time OR NOT AND it’ll track your video rankings as well!

Step 4: RANK: Once you’ve identified your target niche and keywords, turn them into INSTANT page 1 rankings with our powerful, built-in LIVE-LISTINGS engine..

Our High-Converting Sales Funnel



Gives your customers full access to our MVS platform to quickly and easily find UNTAPPED niches and keywords, expose their competitors weaknesses, and snatch up page 1 rankings in 24 hours or less.


MVS Elite

Our Elite level will allow you to unlock the full potential of MyVideoSpy. This will take your account up to 250 keywords searches a month, up to 50 keyword suggestions per search, analyze up to 100 videos a month, Track up to 100 videos, create up to 100 live-listings per month AND you’ll be able to use MVS for your clients as well and charge a HEFTY recurring fee.


MVS Academy

Here we will be revealing our ENTIRE video ranking strategies from start to finish. You’ll see us use MyVideoSpy to claim MULTIPLE page 1 rankings in multiple different niches and keywords. This will be over-the-shoulder training so you see EVERY step of the process. You’ll see the type of keywords we like to target and why, how we leverage YT live events, how we get our videos on our listings once we rank, how we optimize our campaigns and much much more! This will start at $24.95 and rise in price via dimesale.


Video Chief + SyndLab combo

Video Chief is our database of DONE-FOR-YOU videos. We have over 1200 videos in over 4 DOZENS different niches. Plus our SyndLab platform will take care of your video syndication to solidify your page 1 rankings even further. Syndlab syndicates your content to over 30+ different sites in a matter of minutes! This will be a one-time payment of $67


MVS Sub-Spies

We all reach a point where it’s time to outsource parts of our business. Doing the research, analysis and campaign creation are usually at the top of the list of things that get outsourced first. With this upgrade you’ll be fully-prepared for when that shift happens for you (if it hasn’t happened already). This will allow you to give sub-access to your account to your VA’s to perform searches, analyze competitors and create live-listings on your behalf.  We’ll have 2 sub-spy licenses for $47 and 5 sub-spy licenses for $67

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