Stream Store Review (+Dynamic Posts Plugin)

What Is It?

Welcome to my Stream Store review and tutorial !

Stream Store is a wordpress software that allows you to build online stores directly linked to

With StreamStore, you can build a complete affiliate store network in minutes with all available products, offers and discounts, with responsive websites and landing pages, beautifully designed with Traffic traffic spreads!

How Does It Work ?


  1. CLICK AND READY : Create one store or create your own network . Choose a Niche by Category or keyword..that's it !
  2. Customize your posts : Customize your money-spining "Dynamic Posts" and share them as viral posts on the top 6 social networks.
  3. Sit back :   Relax and wait for your Paypal account to start filling up.


  1. No limted product : you can upload 100-1000 or more product with Stream Store. Unlimited product you can upload .
  2. Disconnect with : Other " Amazon" stores builders force you to import products to your store and then leave them there, completely disconnected from what is actually happening On Amazon ! This means if you don't remember to run , annoying, time-consuming daily updates all of your potential customers will miss any special offers, daily or monthly deals, price changes , or they might find your products out of stok or worse the older version of a new product ! With stream store , you dont worry about that , you can wave good bye for good to any problem : lost sales, unhappy customers , constantly out-of-date stores
  3. Amazon branches:  The old way of setting up an Amazon store forced you to "choose" between one of 8 countries and their products . This mean that if you choose the United States for your branch then you would automatically wave goodbye to milions of potential customers in 7 other countries including the UK,Canada,Japan etc...When you consider that non-US customers make up 40% of Amazon purchases that's a huge loss of potential customers. With Stream Store , you can choose 8-10 countries you want .
  4. Poor landing page :  All of the most successful online companies use clear landing pages because a customer's attention span is so short. The old Amazon store builder's storefronts fail to WOW the visitor by showing them exactly what they are looking for . But the old style of boring, same-same , main pages , with 10 products was the only choice you had. Relying on looking like everyone else, with only limited products on offer means that even if you are lucky maybe only one in a hundred visitors will be looking for one of your products ! All the rest , are lost sales. With Stream store, you can create beautiful and professional landing page and stores
  5. With stream store , 100% responsive with mobile 
  6. Save time , with 10 second you can create new store
  7. Viral social traffic 100% free

Single Site

50 Site License


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