PointRank Elite Review-Page #1 Rankings In Min, Leverage AUTOMATED Live Events

Just Imagine The Millions Who Will Access Google And Youtube Everyday Looking For Your Solution ..

From doctors, lawyers to marketers to consumers ... everyone is looking for information and tools to buy on Google and Youtube.

You can be there, CORRECT before their eyes.

It is completely crazy, potential.

But with such great potential exploitation is NOT EASY! Actually, it's a MOTION for most (if we're honest, most people don't even create a visitor from purchased SEO).

That 's a reason today I introduce for you Pointrank . What is it ?

Let read my PointRank review !

What Is It ?

PointRank is an all-in-one software that helps you create videos, rank it and help it rank on google. As you know video is currently a hot maketing channel in 2019. SEO videos will be much easier than websites and customers also acknowledge that they are ready to buy via video for the first time. Conversion rate is 47% higher, that's why PointRank was created

How  Does It Work?

Take advantage of million dollar videos, SEO titles, descriptions and tags that MILLIONS of videos use to RANK!

This step is all about LEVERAGE.

We have learned that instead of guessing and working hard, spending time for research is a much better time.

But it sucks butts, so the software takes it for you!

In a few seconds, it will take EXACTLY what makes those super big ratings videos earn millions every month, reversing SEO factors to rank and taking it for YOUR OWN VIDEO!

This is a simple and effective DROP DEAD EXCELLENT. This is NOT a tool to increase your rankings, but it's a platform without it, you can't rank.

And with it, you will kill it.

Create a video of your own in 1 second, to rate! In your niche market. This step is the best step.

We like unique videos and google (and YouTube) too, but creating a fancy shmancy video is pointless if all you want is ratings and traffic,

And creating a super simple video that gets JOB DONE is exactly what you need.

And this software will create that for you ... IN SECOND!

And yes, you can go deeper, and edit with more depth and add additional elements, but you don't need, if all you find is ... TRAFFIC!

Rate videos by sending live events automatically without actually streaming and doing it with multiple videos at once

This is the MOTOR that controls your traffic in the first place and pushes things up quickly.

It's no secret that live events are popular, and that's because they WORK!

Youtube and Google promote live videos on standard videos and often higher rankings.

But there are a few problems ..

Problem # 1 - You need to live without being alive or it will waste time and difficulties

Problem # 2 - Even if you stream live, you need to make sure everything is fine without being there!

Well, this step does it for you and helps you get crazy rankings in minutes ..

But that is not the best part.

Long-term ratings with sticky technology rank videos multiple times by streaming multiple times in a proven way.

This is the part you have searched for because it kills two birds with a stone and gives you incredible automation, and this is a feature no one else has.

So now that your video is active and ranked, it's only a matter of time until it drops and if it's not durable enough, you won't rank hard keywords either.

This is the reason - our technology will continue to put your live video on page 1 and so ALWAYS get a long-term ranking.

Month ... even year.

And this also becomes persistent enough for you to rank more difficult keywords.


  • NO Manual Complicated Work Because The Software Does Everything You Would Otherwise Need To Do Manually
  • RESULTS IN Minutes Thanks To The Live Event Technology
  • No Hidden Expenses Or Paid Traffic Thanks To A Brilliant Innovative Method To Rank
  • LONG Term Rankings For Long Term Traffic Thanks To Sticky Live Event Technology!
  • NO Video Creation, Use Our Built In Video Generator!
  • NO Backlinks Because You Simply DON’T Need Them To RANK!
  • NO RESEARCH - Use Existing Keywords & Other SEO Elements That Are ALREADY Ranking! With AN EDGE 🙂

Who Should Buy It ?

  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Product launch 
  • Online Business
  • Business owner
  • And more 



(Value $297)

How To Land Local Clients That Pays $500 PER MONTH For Ranking Their Videos On Google with PointRank. This is how you take it to the next level for recurring revenue, because these campaigns can be done in a completely hands-off way once you set it up.

Join us live to discover how to get paid at least $500/mo for less than 30 minutes effort setting up a simple and repeatable system.

 Create and select a template for your Automation campaign and Imagine you found a good video, add all the ranking factors, used our PointRank software and got ranked. But . And you won't be getting any traffic.

(Value $37)

Stand-out from crowd.every time any of your video goes LIVE, PointRank will add this template to grow your brand and trust. 

Add intros and outros as videos/images, add your own Logo or watermark, add our in-built lower thirds and texts, add your website link.  

Now doing this manually for each video takes hours and hours, but you can re-brand any number of videos in just few seconds. Awesome right?


(Value $37)

if people don't like your thumbnail, they won't be clicking on your video

With our in-build image editor, you can create beautiful video thumbnails in just few minutes. Boost your traffic with this little hack. Now this is amazing.

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