Playboost Review-How To Update Your Video Marketing?

Today video is a marketing channel that brings huge profits to retailers.

  • 49% of customers said they would buy products when watching video ads
  • A video of the purchase rate up to 47%

However, your video is threatened with lower clicks and interaction levels. Automatic playback is limited in many platforms to avoid distracting the audience. It makes the audience more comfortable but it also locks your opportunities at the same time.

Your video will show only a stationary thumbnail. To solve this problem, Playboost will enlarge your thumbnail into an attractive and attractive point among regular videos.

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What Is It ?

Playboost is an online software for editing your videos. It focuses on creating animated and prominent thumbnails to attract viewers and clicks. After editing, Playboost also creates code to embed your video into your page.

This tool is completely safe and secure. It does not require account integration. API of this system is for searching GIFs and images.

Playboost helps users insert emoticons, images and overlays to make your thumbnails become particularly clear. Moreover, with this product, you can add CTA and logo to your video easily.

Who Is Author?

Mario Brown and Brad Stephens are both creators and suppliers of this product. Mario has extensive experience in online marketing with successful products like Vidoyo, Videllect and FB SociCake. Brad is a product creator with a rich technological background.

They will help you improve video performance with the great features listed in this Playboost Review.


Many integrated video platforms
You can upload your videos to different servers and copy the links to Playboost. Then you can freely design and customize your video thumbnails. Now, Playboost can support editing videos from YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, Amazon S3.

Users do not have to connect their account with Playboost account. Therefore, you can even get videos from other creators to edit.

Easily edit and design your thumbnails
Playboost allows users to insert images, overlays, animated GIFs and especially emoticons into your thumbnails. Users can send back or forward elements, rotate or move, zoom in or out, color and so on.

Another feature is that users can use their own graphic assets or use the search bar. Therefore, you can upload files from your drive or use online resources.

Add a logo and CTA to your thumbnail
By adding text and images to your thumbnails, users can paste CTA and logo into the video thumbnail. Therefore, you can enhance audience participation and brand awareness.

Add animation to your thumbnail
While the other thumbnails don't change, your thumbnails will be animated by movement. Inside Playboost, animation can be set for all elements (text, image, logo, etc.).

Every time you select an element and hover over an animation, you can preview how it will look.

Work with all site builders
Videos edited with Playboost can be used in all major page builders thanks to its support system. Users can place videos on sales pages, landing pages, bonus pages, etc. Unlimited for your video!

Provide customized play button templates
You can use Playboost's play buttons to place in your thumbnail. Buttons can be edited like other properties: rotate, move, zoom in and zoom out and color.

Quickly install with one click
After editing, Playboost will generate code to install your video. Users only need to paste the code into your body page and the system will detect the video on your page. No technical skills required!

Friendly with mobile devices
Your video is perfectly displayed on the mobile screen. You can not only drive big traffic but also have higher rankings on the search results page because of better quality scores.

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