Pixel Scout Review- Software and Training 900 Results

Have you ever thought that you are spending too much money on facebook advertising. However, your business is still not growing, you feel tired, you are spending your money.

Don't worry today I will introduce you a solution to solve this problem !!

Read Pixel Scout review now!

What Is It?

This software uses intelligence to find customers in the hottest corners. It will automatically scan yellow pages or sites for you to find customers who are missing Pixel Facebook, SSL, Schema and Google Analytics.

With these features, you will find target customers and create real sales.

In addition, this software also works fully automatically. It will automatically send the report to you; Email automatically to businesses you target and many other powerful features.

Who Is Author?

Tobb Spears - he's a supplier with many great products on the market. I found that his products received a lot of praise and reviews from users.

Some of his great products are Blog Network Blueprint, Keyword Surpemacy, Project Supremacy 2.0 and Scope L.

Who Should Buy It ?

  • Local Marketer
  • Facebook Marketer
  • Web Designers
  • SEO experts
  • you !

Feature And Benefit

Pixel Scout is a product that contains many things that other products don't have. I will describe in detail so that you understand its features

  • CHECK FACEBOOK PIXEL - Find out which sites don't have Facebook Pixel in more than 100 websites
  • CHECK PIXEL - Detect websites that lack Adwords Pixel Google for more than 1000 websites
  • GOOGLE ANALYSIS TEST - Search for sites that lack Google Analytics by scanning 1000 websites
  • CHECK GOOGLE MYBUSIFE - Detect websites that lack Google Business in 1000 websites on Google
  • CHECK SSL - Detect websites that do not have SSL in 1000 websites
  • CHECK SCHEMA - scan more than 1000 websites to find out which site lacks a schema
  • OPEN TO CHECK OPEN - Find out which websites are missing Pixel Adwords in 1000 websites
  • CREATE AUTOMATIC REPORT - You will be provided with automatic and customizable report templates. And you can send them to unlimited customers.
  • GMAIL, MICROSOFT & GENERAL EMAIL - Easily email your customers.
  • GLOBAL SEARCH FILTER - You can create a book page that will use this search filter the most. It will tell you what needs and does not need for your site.
  • SEARCH FOR YELLOWPAGES - scan over 1000 yellow pages to find potential customers and automatically send customer reports to you
  • PROVIDE EYE EMAIL TEMPORARY - provides email templates that have been made and easily customized
  • TRAINING SOFTWARE - A step-by-step video tutorial will help you use all the features to get the highest profit
  • Advertising training program - This is an attractive advertising training course. In this training program, you will receive many methods to start earning. You just need to copy and paste it into your business. 

How Does It Work?

Step 1 : Enter the keyword and the area for businesses you want to target. Pixel Scout will then scan local businesses, in any niche and country, looking for a Facebook Pixel. Within minutes you’ll have a full list of your best prospects, including their contact info.

Step 2: Click a single button to automatically generate an interactive and personalized report for those businesses. The report will do all the selling for you and you only ever have to interact with people who contact you, because they want what you are offering!

Step 3: Follow our step-by-step instructions to set up their Facebook Pixel & run simple retargeting ads for them. Easily charge each client $500+ per month. Keep them happy with instant measurable results and watch them come back to order more and more from you!


Bonus #1 Facebook Advertising Mini Course

Sign up to Pixel Scout today & we’ll include a FREE Facebook advertising mini course that shows you how to:

  •   Setup a client’s Facebook advertising account
  •   Install the Facebook Pixel on a client’s website
  •   Launch a profitable retargeting ad campaign for your clients

Valued at: $397

Bonus #2 : Highest Converting Email Templates

Sign up to Pixel Scout today & we’ll include (3) of our highest performing outreach email templates so you can:

  •   Quickly choose an email template that is proven to get client’s interested in your services
  •   Launch an outreach campaign in 60 seconds
  •   Engage local businesses who need your services

Valued at: $397

Bonus #3: VIP Facebook Group

Sign up to Pixel Scout today & we’ll include access to our VIP mastermind group so you can:

  •   Get access to myself (Dino Gomez) and other 6 & 7 figure marketers
  •   Get help on your advertising campaigns
  •   Network & develop business partnerships

Valued at: $397

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