Memcached activation guide on Hawk Host

Hawk Host  is one of the few Hosting providers in the world that supports Memcached featureIf you are using the service here you must activate it and use it

If not, Memcached is the cache function of the system using RAM instead of using the hard drive to read and write as traditional. Because the speed of RAM is very fast, Memcached will increase the performance up a lot, especially reducing the requests to the database (which is the most system resources) due to the query or can use the cache completely on RAM .

Memcached's operating model is as follows:

This function is great, but it is completely free, if you use Hawk Host hosting, please activate immediately.

Memcached activation guide

To activate Memcached on hosting Hawk Host, please follow these steps:

1. Login to cPanel, find the Server Application Manager link  in the SOFTWARE section .

2. Click the Enable link  in the Memcached line 

3. Wait 5 minutes for the server to start the application. If successful, you will get the socket path, Status column to switch to Online status .

4. Activate the PHP module (if not already available) by going to Select PHP Version and enabling the module  memcache and  memcached . PHP version 7.0 or 5.6 works well with Memcached, so use PHP 7.0.

Install all websites on Hosting using the same PHP version by accessing MultiPHP Manager , select all websites in the list, PHP Version select  inherit and click Apply. Error " No PHP Memcached or Memcache class present, this is really bad! "Caused by the PHP version disorder.

Currently I check, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2, PHP 7.3 do not support running Memcached, specifically memcache and memcached extensions are not enabled. So choose PHP 7.0 .

5. Enable cache mode to use Memcached.

Depending on the CMS you are using, the activation is different. If you use WordPress, please install Memcached Is Your Friend plugin  , edit  wp-config.phpthe following code to the top (remember to change the path to standard):

$memcached_servers = array( 'default' => array(


Go to  Tools > Memcached and you'll see Memcached works like the image below:

Also, if you are using the LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin, you  can integrate Memcached feature without installing  MemcacheD Is Your Friend too old. How to activate the following:

Go to LiteSpeed Cache Settings , Advanced , Object Cache choose ON . With  Method Memcached you enter the socket path into the Host box Port fill 0 as shown below and then click Save Changes .

Notice the Connection Test to  see that the Passed record is ok.

Try and feel the speed that Memcached brings.

Sometimes Memcached can be turned off automatically, so you should occasionally check its status to reactivate it when needed.

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