MaticPress Agency Review-4-in-1 Software Suite

4-in-1 Software Suite Allows Anyone to Start and Grow a Profitable WordPress Agency Business From Scratch

If you had to start from scratch, what’s the easiest, future-proof business model you could use to start a legitimate, value-based business that profits quickly from day one?

A few answers may come to mind, but one of the easiest has to be selling basic WordPress servicesto clients. In fact, did you know…

1/4 of the Web is Now WordPress Based

WordPress is growing like a startup and only going to get bigger which means more small businesses will need help setting it up, install themes, and keeping it maintained.

WordPress Takes Care of 80-90% 
of Google’s Crawling Issues Now

The former head of Google’s webspam team, Matt Cutts, said that “sites built with WordPress are capable of ranking higher in search results because the CMS takes care of 80-90% of Google’s crawling issues.” This means more HTML sites will be switching over to WordPress to keep up with the competition.

#1 Content Creation Platform By Far

Businesses know content is king in 2019 and WordPress is by far the #1 content creation platform in the world. Users make 41.7 million posts and leave 60.5 million comments each month according to stats.

1/3 of All WordPress Installations 
Are Not Updated to the Latest Version

Yes, despite millions upon millions of users, posts, and comments, ⅓ of sites aren’t being updated correctly according to WordPress themselves, leaving a massive opportunity to for WordPress Agencies to assist and profit on a regular basis.

WordPress is growing like a startup and only going to get bigger which means more small businesses will need help setting it up, install themes, and keeping it maintained.

So, after several months of development and testing, we’re proud to announce the launch of not just another Wp plugin or theme, but full software suite that includes everything needed to start a profitable WordPress Agency business from scratch with no coding experience needed.


MaticPress Agency

An all-in-one software suite and training solution that allows anyone to start a successful WordPress Agency from scratch and grow it hands-free with no experience or technical skills needed.

It’s broken into 4 core parts which include…

Part 1. MaticPress App

A cloud-based app that allows you and team members to integrate, manage, update, and even market you or your client’s WP site in a few clicks all from a secure cloud dashboard.

A Few Features Include:

Easily Organize and Manage You Or Your Client’s Wp Sites in One Place

MaticPress intuitive UI allows you to see and manage all your connected WordPress sites in one place and group them by niche, industry, clients, etc. for easy use.

Update the Client’s Themes, Plugins, and Core in One Click

See if any themes, plugins, or Wp core need updating for any client’s site and do so in just a click all from the dashboard.

Create/Install Popups, Sliders, CTA Bars, for Clients without Login

Help market your client’s websites and build their list by creating and adding popups, sliders, Header/Footer bars, and more from DFY templates all from the MaticPress dashboard. No need to even log into their site!

Quickly Connect and Auto-login to Clients Websites

In just one click connect any of you or your clients WordPress sites to the MaticPress cloud dashboard to manage. If you ever need to, log into their site with just a click of a button, no need to store passwords.

Agency License + Agency Team Collaboration Features

Quickly add freelancers or team members and control what sites they can manage and what precisely they can update

Create and Manage Client Posts and Comments

See all a specific client’s WordPress posts and add, edit, or delete them all from within the dashboard including tags, categories, images, and more.

Perform Essential WordPress Tasks in a Few Clicks

Update your client's databases, help security their sites, provide SEO optimization, and more with no technicial know-how needed!

And Much More Including…

  • Fast SEO Optimization - Instantly generate a robots.txt file for any site and check for broken backlinks to improve SEO ranking01
  • Agency Team Calendar - Schedule in client meetings, schedule update times, and keep your agency team on the same page02
  • Site Monitor Built-In - Instantly see if the client's site is up and running or if it’s down.03
  • One-Click SSL - - If the site is registered with CloudFlare (free to do) you can quickly add https to it so it’s fully secure in just a push of a button

Part 2. PowerPress

While MaticPress will update and manage the sites, PowerPress helps create the sites drag-n-drop easy. This multipurpose WordPress theme comes with DFY local templates that builds stunning websites in just a few clicks

A Few Features Include:

12 Fully Responsive, Gorgeous Themes

These come in a variety of hot local and online niches for clients or yourself! Install and load in just a click.

Advanced Page Options

Set menus, header styles, set multipage or single page sites, and more

Live Page-Builder Editor

Custom page builder widgets to make the theme more powerful and easy to use! Just click what you want to edit, type the changes, and you’re done.

And Much More Including…

  • Fully Responsive - Theme is 100% mobile responsive so your website will look great in all mobile devices, desktops, Macs etc.
  • SEO Friendly - SEO Friendly Theme to boosts your rankings in Google SERP.
  • Multiple Header Styles - Create different Header Styles so that you can create different types of websites for each specific client.
  • Multiple Blog Layouts - Create different blog layouts to make each site unique.

Part 3. MaticPress Invoice Manager

MaticPress Invoice Manager is the ultimate solution for creating and maintaining unlimited invoices and clients. Now you have the best solution to invoice your WordPress clients like a serious WordPress Agency would need to look professional.

A Few Features Include:

Create and Manage Unlimited Invoices

Create, organize, and send professional branded invoices for your clients to pay directly through credit card, bank transfer, etc.

Supports Multiple Payment Gateways

Includes PayPal, Stripe, Braintree,, Razorpay, and more.

Create Customized Email Templates

Create reminder emails, payment emails, and more that are fully customizable with shortcodes.

And Much More Including…

  • Create and Manage Clients - Create clients and import their info into any invoice you create to save time01
  • Create invoices in PDF format - Change your invoice to PDF format for written records and easier signing02
  • Custom Branding - Upload your company logo, add your address, and any other custom message or tax info that displays on all invoices03
  • Multiple Search Filters - Multiple searching and sorting filters to sort and track your invoices (Paid, unpaid, Due, Due Filters) etc.

Part 4. MaticPress Client Getting Training

Buyers will learn step-by-step how to land your first WordPress client from scratch, even if you’ve never been able to land a client before in a brand new training by us. Now buyers have everything including the knowledge needed to land, manage, and profit from Wp clients.

A few things users will learn include...

  1. How to get WordPress clients from Google Business, Facebook, Twitter, Meetups, Freelancing sites, and more.?
  2. How to bypass “gatekeepers” like receptionists quickly and speak to the decision makers in any local business.?
  3. The secret to winning high-paying clients from freelancer sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and more.?
  4. How to make sure the emails you send to business owners have them scrambling to hire you.?
  5. How to effortlessly and confidently close clients on calls and handle the “how much does it cost?” question effectively — even if you hate selling.?
  6. How to fully outsource and hire out your jobs creating a business that runs itself hands-free.?
  7. How to position your business to attract high-paying, monthly clients.

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