Data JEO Review-Analysis And Tracking Software

Are you an affiliate marketer or an online marketer? You are feeling stuck with online marketing . You dont know what to do , who your clients are , and what they think about . That is exactly all thing I met on one year ago when I start become affiliate marketer . 

But dont worry about that , I can help you . Today I will introduce an software help you resolve this problem . That is Data JEO . What is it ? how can it help you ?

Let read my Data JEO review !


Market Research platform to get insider “Traffic” data about your competitor’s products, advertising, traffic sources and essential Customer Data as keywords usage, similar websites and YouTube Channels they visit, Social Media they use, Geographical & Demographic statistics, popular Facebook Interests and Groups, and how they browse the web (via which device, referring web pages), and so much more…

All the data is up-to-date and extracted from (expensive) services as Alexa, AdBeat, Brand Creative and SimilarWeb among others.

All data is combined together in an easy to use dashboard.

Data JEO can even (automatically) create your Ideal Customer (aka Avatar) like this one below.

Up until today, you had to subscribe to different expensive monthly services to get the same data splintered over many applications.

With Data JEO this comes to an end. Data JEO summarizes all relevant data into one easy to use central dashboard. And for much lower fees than subscribing yourself to all these other services- ALL IN ONE PACKAGE


It is surprisingly simply to get it working. There are three steps only:

Step 1: Enter you keyword/domain

I am sure you already prepare a lot of keywords for your marketing campaign. Thus, you can enter them into the search box and let DataJeo do its job. Just wait and receive a page full of results. Really simple, right?

Step 2: Receive and study the result

Take all information which DataJeo provide then study them carefully. They will give you all things you need to prepare for your campaign such as how to carry out campaign, what to focus on, how to win both customers and competitors.

Step 3: Get the tracking code and supervise your campaign

Use the tracking code to gather data from your campaign. You will able to see how it is working or what you need to change…

Only 3 steps to get it! Also you can watch the video below to see how to use it with ease:

Why Should You Buy Data JEO?

Because it’s the best aggregated “Big Data” Research Platform on the market right now. It gives you all the data you’ll need from high-authority external sources to spy on your competitor’s products, advertising campaigns, traffic sources and customer data. All essential data to know your customers/leads better and find your ideal customer avatar to use in your own marketing campaigns.

And during this special launch period, you can take advantage of a special grandfathered discount…


The regular fee for Data JEO (after launch) is $997.00 per year. For a limited time period, you can get access to Data JEO for a monthly payment of $37.00, a yearly payment of $297.00, or a 3 years payment of $497.00.

So don’t wait too long, before you know this deal is over.

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