Let’s imagine!

Case 1: You are running a website that bears fruits as below ↯

You are happy with what you have achieved. Your confidence in your business is unshakable.

And then one day you wake up, you get access to your website as usual…

But no…

It’s terrible…

You hit F5 repeatedly but nothing seems to appear on the screen …

-Does your website get hacked?


-Is there anything wrong with the server?


-WordPress automatically updates and the new version is not compatible with your theme.


-Did you inadvertently install some malware yesterday?


-Did you delete an important file from your website by mistake?

All of your successes seem to disappear in a moment. You lost everything including a series of your posts on the website, which helps you earn thousands of dollars previously.

And you are completely hammered!

No matter whatever reasons it may be, it does not change the fact that you have lost control of your business.

The truth is: if you are using WordPress then this scenario should not be strange to you. It can happen anytime and you have no idea what is going to happen to your business. So, do not wait for it to happen then find a solution, try to find a way to protect your business before it happens.

Case 2: You are running a successful website that makes money.You want to scale up your business by building similar websites for your clients.


  • You do not have that much of time
  • Or You are not so good at technical things 

Do not worry, keep reading…


This Is

Rick Nguyen

Prabhat Singh

We have been working in Internet Marketing Space since last 4 years. Every business needs a website. So does ours.

We tried many different ways and have successfully built many websites which can drive traffic. It has given us a stable source of income since then.

Once, we were shocked when one of our websites got hacked by malware. At that time we did not have any tool to back up my website and we lost everything. Then we had to spend so much time trying to rebuild our business.

More than anyone, We understand what it would be like to lose a website that brings you a source of passive income every day

That is why WP EasyClone kicks in

First, it allows you to proactively protect your business and second, it makes things  easier for you to scale up by cloning websites and resell them to your clients.

The Only Tool To Backup And Restore Websites . On Complete Autopilot– A Tool That  Can Clone Complete WordPress Website . In Just Minutes

Let's read my WP EasyClone Review now !

What is WP EasyClone?

WP EasyClone allows you to:

  1. Automatically back up websites on an hourly, daily, monthly basis.
  2. Rapidly clone WordPress websites while maintaining everything on websites including images, content, text, themes, plugins, and comments
  3. Quickly transfer your website into new hosts and domain


WP EasyClone is not just an ordinary auto-backup tool. It also lets you scale up your business effortlessly. Imagine you run a successful affiliate website or local website.

You want to scale up your business by building similar websitesfor your clients. But setting up a new and fully functioning website is extremely complicated and time-consuming.

In this case, WP EasyClone is a great tool for you . The tool comes with Agency Rights so you can clone your websites easily and resell to your clients however you want.

You would want to clone your websites and resell to keep the full profits as follows, wouldn’t you?

HEY! WP EASYCLONE Even Offers A Way To Make Money Online. Want Such Amounts To Roll Straight Into Your Wallet?

Its Really Easy, follow the  below steps

Step 1. Create your profile on  free-lancing platforms.

Step 2. Set your gig stating you are offering “Transfer WP website”.

Step 3. Set your fixed amount and  you’re DONE!

Now use this tool to complete your contracts and make simple money without doing any hard work



Book Store

Kids Learning



Backup-Restore Or Clone Any WordPress Websites

In Just 2 Easy Steps:

Step #1: Install WP EasyClone to your website. With just 1 click, everything on your website including text, images, theme,comments and plugins will be automatically downloaded to your computer

Step #2: Install WP EasyClone to your new websites. With just 1 single click, you can deploy the downloaded file to build some similar websites based on the old one.

The Product Is No More Available

All The Licenses Are Sold Out!

✅Clone everything on your website including posts, pages, themes, content, comments, and so much more.
✅ You can use this tool to backup site’s content and create similar websites
✅ Completely compatible with all versions of WordPress, which has been tested on so many websites.
This means you can clone all versions of WordPress even if WordPress is updated
✅ Newbie friendly, and it takes only minutes to clone websites. No matter how large your website is, WP EasyClone can cover it all.
✅ This plugin will be constantly updated.
✅ We Also provide agency rights which you can use right away for your clients.
✅ Besides, WP EasyClone can be used to clone your successful affiliate websites which you can resell to your clients Or you can build your own sample website, then use WP EasyClone to clone your website and resell to your prospects
✅ WP EasyClone helps save time when building a brand new website. Imagine you do not have much time left yet you wish to build an outstanding website that can attract people in the blink of an eye. WP EasyCloneis there to help.
✅ Set up auto-backup for your website on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis. That is totally up to you. It makes sure you can always maintain your database website without worrying too much
✅ With two simple steps, you can transfer your website to a new place. It saves you a lot of time and effort since website backup and restores are extremely exhausting
✅ Step-by-step training – No learning curve involved
✅ Ultra Fast 24*7 Dedicated Support
✅ Special Launch Period Offer – The Price Doubles In Next 7 Days & No Recurring Payment, Just one-time solution with regular updates
✅ One-time fee. You only have to pay once to backup websites on an hourly, daily, monthly


But let’s imagine, if you have WP EasyClone, you will:

  • Not worry about losing control of your business all of a sudden because WP EasyClone allows you to backup websites on complete autopilot.
  • Not struggle with technical issues when trying to restore your website and transfer it into a new domain and hosting because WP EasyClone allows you to restore websites in just two simple steps.
  • Not spend any minute figuring out how to clone websites as fast as possible to resell to clients.



“Eye Candy WordPress Plugin for Crazy Optin Rates”
This brand new and totally HOT plugin will allow you to convert your visitors into email subscribers by using “eye candy”. After many years in the business, there is one thing proven over and over: people will act upon visual stimulation!

There is no way to guarantee you will increase your sales and make more money but, this plugin has worked miracles for us. When used wisely and correctly, very powerful…


WP Checkout Maximizer is the definitive WP plugin that will help you by increasing your conversion sales, enhance your buyer’s experience and also to drive social viral traffic to your blogs…in just a few easy steps.

The plugin basically consists of some powerful effective features that makes it unique.These are the incredible features in WP Checkout Maximizer:

1. 1-click Order Form Maximizer
2. Offer cash discounts easily
3. WP Checkout Maximizer
4. Viral Traffic At Your Fingertips
5. Jaw-dropping, high-quality, custom-made graphics that are proven to convert


WP Email Countdown is a fantastic plugin

that allows you to effortlessly add action-taking and profit-inducing countdown timers inside your emails. What’s more, as I said before, not only you can add them to your emails but also to your websites and blogs, as a widget.


Here’s A Dead-Easy Way To Create Engaging Polls And To Survey Your Visitors
Which Will Allow You To Clearly Understand What Their Opinion Of Your Site Is… So That You Can Start Increasing Commissions, Subscribers, And Your Profits!
Best Part?
You Can Create These Polls And Surveys In Any Post Or Page Of Your Blog!


Images are very important when it comes to marketing any businesses. Whether you are doing offline or your marketing on the internet, visual graphics is one of the main media that grabs people’s attention.

The challenging thing is that, you just can’t grab images over the internet and use it for your own project or else someone will sue you for copyright issues.

And the fact is that premium stock images, digital graphics or photos are very expensive. But the good news is that inside this amazing product, this plugin will give you the solution so that you’ll never have to worry about paying for images again.


Traffic is very important to your online business but the question is that, what if those traffic don’t convert into subscribers or customers?

Would it be great if those web traffic you drove would become your email list subscribers or loyal buyers? Well, WP Notification Plus software will change the game.


Here’s How You Can Use The ‘Attention Hijacking Method’ That Will Allow You To Make More Money Today In Just 3 Simple Steps … And All Thanks To A Killer WP Plugin That Will Only Take You Seconds To Install And Deploy!


If you are an online entrepreneur and you want to make so much profits out from your internet business, this amazing WordPress plugin is a huge help to you.

What this software does is that, it will create SEO friendly money making WordPress pages almost every with a little content.


WP Slideshow Master is a fantastic and VERY powerful plugin that allows you to instantly create eye-catching, conversion-increasing slideshows that will impress your visitors and make them stay longer… maximizing your chances to transform them into paid customers.

It’s very easy to use and in less than a minute you can create beautiful slideshows that can be added into any page of your choice.

You don’t need to have any prior experience in order to use WP Slideshow Master: with just a few clicks of your mouse you are ready to go!


WP Video Attention is a plugin that allows you to clip your video and serves as a widget to any corner on your page. This allows your videos to VISIBLY continue playing when a user scrolls down a page, so they are still able to see the video and not only hear it.

This will help to keep your viewers engaged throughout your entire video while they are exploring the content/other part of your page – So you will never lose the engagement & attention of your viewers that often results in loss of leads, loss of SALES and MONEY.

The plugin will also allow you to position your videos anywhere you want and customize it to make it relevant with your website/webpage design or branding. There are MANY more amazing features such as countdown – timer, share button and animation/ effect that will help your page get sky – high conversions and engagement.

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