SocialProof Review

Its the time to let your customers do the Marketing for your Business! And this Plugin will show it off with this automated system.

  • 54% of the customers prefer to look for online reviews before buying a service or product.
  • People tend to trust more on reviews than branded content.
  • Good reviews builds trust in the market.
  • Referral content to tends to convert better than brand’s other marketing efforts.
  • Reviews create credibility to the brand.
  • 94% of customers read online reviews
  • More than 50 percent look at reviews, while only 34 percent are focused on deals.
  • 76% of consumers said that they were willing to pay more for a service or product with higher review scores.
  • Time to show all the latest reviews right on your site directly from Google and Facebook.
  • Hassle-free add and subtract reviews, right from the dashboard.


SocialProof is a WordPress plugin that empowers portfolios of Local Businesses, Consultants and Online Marketers. The powerful plugin boosts the conversion rate via gaining trust of the visitors by showcasing influencive testimonials and reviews directly fetched from Google and Facebook.

Here's a Quick Demo Of What Can you achieve with  SocialProofs in 60 seconds


Manage your  own Collection of Reviews from one place.

We've created an all rounder interface right inside WordPress Dashboard where you can collectively see, style and sort you your testimonials' collection. Make a group or treat each testimonial individually from a single place.

Not just customize, "Craft" your presentation.

Choose between the right template, right color, right text and everything which feels right on your WordPress Site. Take total control over the presentation with our Style editor.

Filter Negative Reviews On the Go

Remove all the crappy reviews which spoils your image. Set a minor range and let your best reviews perform on your WordPress website.

Add Your Own Custom Reviews

In addition to displaying reviews from popular platforms like Google and Facebook. You can manually add custom reviews so no feedback is left behind!


  • Small businesseS
  • For Consultants
  • For Influencers
  • Online business
  • Blogger
  • Online marketer
  • Offline marketer
  • Business Owner
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Or anyone else who is doing online business


Back Control Pro WordPress Plugin [ Value: $27]

With this pro plugin version, you can automatically add the back redirect feature to all your WordPress pages and posts.

Tab Alerts Pro WordPress Plugin [Value: $27]

This WP plugin will be able to add blinking icons to your alerts, create a surprise effect with delayed notifications. You will be able to automatically redirect your returning visitors to any URL of your choices, such as a discount page one-time-offer or even an opt-in page.

Install SEO WordPress [Value: $97]

Inside this video training course, you will get a tone of recordings that will reveal all that you have to know to get your site positioned higher to acquire heaps of free traffic.

Photo Blast Plus WordPress Plugin [Value: $47]

Great blog content can be as diverse as the bloggers themselves but there appear to be a few “tricks” that continually crop up and one of them is the use of images in their posts. It really is true: A picture is worth 1,000 words, and in the context of an online generation h“skimming” and “scanning” is the general practice of reading web copy the importance of these “1,000 words” is even greater. Shoot, why not have more than one picture just to make sure!

Show Your Upcoming Posts WordPress Plugin [Value: $67]

This is a great way to get your website viewers to see your upcoming posts / to get visitors to return to your site / to get more sign-ups for your newsletter or RSS feed. Lots of options, including showing “x” number of posts which are in the draft, which is set to be published at a later date – or a combination of both.

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